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Olark Live Chat - connects you with the right customer, in the right place, at the right time. Olark offers a wide range of functions that will help you set up and manage your live chat.

Features of Olark:

- Easy setup

The availability of consistent experience on your website and in the chat field will lead to increased sales. With Olark it's easy to match the exact colors, add your own text and even change the preferred language of your customers.

- Real-time reports

Unlike other platforms that are updated daily, Olark provides live reports in chat mode, so you can find out which day and time you are busy with, which agents process most of the chats, and how your customers rate their chat.

- Automated messages

The ability to automate messages based on visitor behavior on your site. This will facilitate you the right message at the right time, without being everywhere at the same time.

- Unlimited conversations

With the paid program Olarka there are no restrictions on the number of conversations you can get each month, and no additional costs if your chat volume is higher than usual. Our price for each agent means that you only pay for the members of your team who will be in the chat. You can add or subtract agents at any time, and your price is automatically adjusted.

- Available search transcripts

Communicating with your customers provides quality data, product reviews and ideas that you can use to strengthen your sales, marketing and product initiatives. Available search transcripts allow you to easily filter for conversations or keywords that are most valuable to you.

- Live Chat

Olark makes it easy to talk with people browsing your site so you can answer questions in real time, disclose more potential customers and close more sales.

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2023-01-25 20:04:00: It’s Braille Literacy Month! Braille helps not only people who are blind, but also those with visual impairments and dual sensory loss. We’re adding braille to our business cards to distribute at CSUN's Assistive Tech Conference. How can we make our booths even more accessible? Twitter
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