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Tidio Chat is an online chat software that combines messages from email, Facebook Messenger, and chat widgets on a website into a single agent interface, allowing agents to process all customer messages at the same time using the same tools, regardless of whether where requests come from.

Tidio Chat offers a variety of live chat options, with users having a choice of chat widgets, sidebars and dedicated chat pages, all of which are customizable. Three styles of chat widgets (classic, modern and business) are available, and users can customize the popup with different colors, button positions, and editable status messages.

Chat pages can also be customized with different background images and welcome messages. Administrators can also add a custom pre-chat poll to get visitor names, phone numbers, and email addresses before chatting.

Tidio Chat allows users to set up a series of automatic triggers to trigger predefined actions when a specific condition is met. Trigger parameters include the site visitor opening a new page, the first visit to the site, the return to the site from the previous visit, and spending a certain amount of time on the same page. Actions that can be triggered include sending chat messages or emails, and adding or removing tags from customer profiles.

Tidio Chat's automation is designed to recognize when customers encounter problems logging in, fill out forms or pay, and respond before the customer leaves the website.

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