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Lead Forensics

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Lead Forensics is a platform that enables businesses to interact with prospects and customers faster, right at the moment they are most interested - while visiting your website.

Lead Forensics provides all the information you need to start valuable, relevant and meaningful conversations with your website visitors in real time.

The platform will determine who your visitors are, where they came from, what they are looking at and, importantly, where they are in your sales funnel. Refer clients directly to their account manager and delight them with your activity. Refer existing customers to your sales reps and fuel your marketing automation with attractive new leads.

Lead Forensics owns its database of mapped IP addresses and this is what sets the platform apart from the rest. The mapped IP address database can identify 1.4 billion IP addresses, and more than 55 million contacts are added to the platform every year, ensuring that the match rate only grows over the years.

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