Pipefy is a workflow management software.

Pipefy gives you the ability to quickly deploy workflows to deliver services, improve the efficiency of processes such as HR, procurement, and customer onboarding, from request creation to execution and reporting.

Pipefy allows customers, employees and suppliers to easily request what they need and ensures that you always get all the information you need. The platform allows you to customize your process in such a way as to ensure the highest quality of execution every time. You can delegate tasks to free employees, set deadlines and set up required actions to build efficient and error-free work, all on one platform.

With Pipefy, you can exchange emails manually or automatically, integrate with SMS services to keep interested parties in the loop.

The platform allows your customers, suppliers and employees to track the status of their requests even without a Pipefy account. With Pipefy you have full control over your processes and never again face forgotten requirements, unauthorized requests and unauthorized actions.

The built-in analytics system allows you to choose what data to extract from workflows and translate it into different chart formats. This ensures that you never lose sight of metrics such as employee time, money spent, and billable hours.

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