Klaviyo is an email-focused marketing automation platform for e-commerce.

Klaviyo helps you deliver more personalized services through marketing channels such as email, SMS, in-app notifications and the web.

With a dedicated team of experts and a platform that consumes large amounts of data, Klaviyo is dedicated to helping users improve customer experience and forge more valuable relationships.

From the first customer experience to each subsequent purchase, Klaviyo tracks every interaction, enabling online businesses to create more personalized marketing moments, and strives to create a 360-degree customer view to provide endless growth opportunities. Klaviyo allows you to segment your listing based on various factors such as customer behavior on your website, their location, and open rate.

You don't need any programming skills to create automation workflows, email templates, or install registration forms on a website.

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2023-04-11 17:32:01: Looking to grow your data science skills? Our data science team has four books and two online courses to help. Specific topics include Bayesian analysis, programming, NLP, and your general problem-solving mindset. https://t.co/AHBMFZLa7F Twitter
2023-04-07 16:51:35: Keeping tabs on key metrics just got easier. Explore all of our March product updates, from the redesigned home dashboard to the campaign deliverability tab: https://t.co/jA2CGH2xPu. https://t.co/gfTXeFPRo7 Twitter
2023-03-29 19:32:11: Justin Gill, founder of #trybachans, dreamed of bringing his family’s sauce to market since he was a kid, naming the sauce after his grandmother. Justin says, “Packing up orders for our customers with my wife & kids is a full circle experience I could not be more grateful for." Twitter
2023-03-29 19:32:10: Today is National Mom and Pop Business Owner Day. To celebrate, we’re putting the spotlight on three family-owned businesses and honoring their hard work and dedication. And, to make it even better, we’re giving you the chance to win some of their best-selling products. Twitter
2023-03-28 18:42:07: Let's hear the best answers here! ? https://t.co/YwnOIGhtyQ Twitter
2023-03-28 17:37:15: Make more efficient budgeting decisions based on what's best for your brand. Learn more here: https://t.co/bYJZptmkEe Twitter
2023-03-28 17:37:14: Ecommerce has come a long way from the "email is dead" narrative. That's why we set out to discover how ecommerce businesses of all sizes are putting together their marketing mix for 2023. https://t.co/BB9sBdzmxh Twitter
2023-03-27 21:03:58: Kicking off day 1 at #Shoptalk! If you’re here be sure to stop by booth #500! https://t.co/KohcmieSyW Twitter


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