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AskNicely is a highly flexible customer feedback software that is ideal for businesses. The platform allows you to poll users via email, website, or mobile app, and a simple form interface helps stimulate responses.

The surveys that AskNicely will let you create are simple and effective. Most questions can be answered at the touch of a button - for example, ask questions with answers on a scale of 0-10. They can also be delivered wherever you meet with your customers, whether in their inbox, on your website or via mobile. Appendix.

The look of AskNicely polls is also highly customizable. You can add your own branding and use a custom color scheme, and submit polls from a custom email domain. Surveys are also tailored to specific customers based on their responses.

You can also set up the software to automatically poll and sample customers on a monthly basis in your CRM, or run surveys from your CRM after certain events, such as a new sale.

You can also create automated emails that are sent to responders based on their score, allowing you to immediately contact unhappy customers. And AskNicely has a built-in setting to ensure that no contact receives multiple automated polls in a short amount of time.

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