Integration of Viber with Ringostat

Ringostat integration with Viber

Thanks to the integration of Ringostat with Viber, a connection widget that includes Viber will appear on your website. When a person writes there, the sales representative is immediately notified of a new conversation. The sales rep can then communicate with the user in the Ringostat Messenger interface.

The sales representative immediately sees the new dialog message even if the browser is minimized. This will allow you to quickly respond and there will be no situations where the buyer chose your competitor because he did not receive a response. Even if the sales rep does not see the message, a new conversation notification will appear in Ringostat Messenger. If several people send SMS at the same time, the employee will see them in the queue. Thus, he can start processing them one by one.

When a user sends a message, Ringostat Messenger immediately displays the name that the customer has mentioned in their Viber. This way, the sales rep knows how to greet the prospect in advance. The employee sees a log of all active dialogs that he started to process, and they have not yet been closed. He can also check the conversation history there at any time. He can also see the history of all client sessions. If the company also uses Messenger, Telegram and the customized Ringostat integration with these apps, conversations made there will also be collected on Ringostat Messenger.