vTiger CRM

vTiger CRM is an online system for managing customer relations (CRM). It is a branch from another product called SugarCRM. This solution from the CRM sphere is aimed at automating the tasks of small and medium-sized companies involved in the B2B segment with a long sales cycle. vTiger CRM is based on the LAMP / WAMP link.

Features of vTiger CRM:

- Transactions.

- Commercial offers for potential audience.

- Accounts - archive of accounts.

- Archive of orders from customers for sale, as well as purchases of products and services.

- Catalogs with support for price lists of products.

- The tool for adding and collecting various data on contacts, counterparts, transactions, products, bills and orders.

- Company's product archive.

- Services catalog of the company.

- Data on customers who already use the services.

- Manager PBX with the ability to integrate CRM with Asterisk.

- Support of customer requests for services after transactions.

- FAQ with a list of questions and answers (knowledge base).

- Calendar for storing notes about meetings, calls and tasks.

- Notes for making new information about contacts and other elements of the system.

- Project management taking into account the types and time of interaction with customers.

- Email marketing.

- Formation of reports.


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