bpm'online sales

bpm'online sales

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Bpm'online sales is a functional and easy CRM system. Has options to manage many different aspects of sales. The system at the same time offers a set of ready-made processes for implementation within its company.

CRM-system for professional management of sales of all types, from short to long orders of corporate transactions. Use ready-made processes to manage the full cycle of sales! With the system you will be able to easily manage the sales funnel and change tactics transactions, following the process to a reference

The functionality of the Bpm'online sales system:

- Full portrait of the client.

- Management of communications.

- Management of business processes with the configuration wizard and templates.

- Lead management with distribution.

- Document management and contracts management.

- Knowledge management in the form of a database.

- Mobile app.

- Analytics.

- Synchronization and import from other systems, including from Excel.

- Administration and configuration.

- Working with mail using IMAP / SMTP protocols.

- Sales management.

- Analysis of customer needs.

- Support sales funnel.

- The reference process of corporate sales.

- Manage orders and accounts with history and approval.

- Sales planning.

- Managing the catalog of products and services with characteristics and selection

- Project management with control and analytics.

- Integration with MS Exchange, Google services, 1C.






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