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I DOBRA CRM is a customer relationship management system (CRM) available for download and installation on your hosting. The system allows you to automate work with clients and tasks. The user has the opportunity to work with tasks, agreements, accounts, contractors and email correspondence.

The main functions of I DOBRA CRM:

- Email correspondence.

Work with incoming mail, sending emails to counterparties.

- Customization.

The settings panel contains the following functions: General, Users, Organizations, Statuses, Currency.

- Users.

Create a department, add a CRM system user and set permissions for them to system sections.

- Tasks.

Personal tasks for each CRM user. Each task has its own execution status and a responsible employee.

- Agreements.

Agreement between the organization that uses the system and counterparties. The possibility of generating an electronic version of the contract between the organization and the counterparty.

- Accounts.

Creating an account occurs with the agreement. The services are entered into the account to the counterparty, and the electronic versions of the account and act in .pdf format.

- Counterparties.

All in the system of contractors. Counterparty can be added on the page "Contractors", as well as directly when creating the "Agreement".

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