Languages: English
Localization: World

Happay is a cloud-based expense management solution that helps midsize and large businesses manage and track expenses.

The solution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to automate processes related to claim management, cost recovery, time / cost savings, and policy compliance monitoring.

Happay allows users to record expenses, process report submissions / approvals, and receive real-time expense information. Accounts Payable Invoice Management Module simplifies the digital filing of invoices to eliminate fraudulent invoices and make it easier to approve vendor payments while ensuring tax compliance. In addition, with the FleetXpress tool, users can manage and track fuel purchases, toll payments, driver wages and more.

Happay allows organizations to manage multiple branch / store and budget control using a petty cash distribution process. It supports integration with various e-commerce platforms and payment systems via API. The solution offers phone support, email support, FAQs, and other online measures.