Gist is a cloud-based CRM platform that is loaded with the best features and integrations to help your business scale.

Gist helps small and large businesses manage customer inquiries and optimize communication with potential customers. It allows users to embed chat widgets on business websites and customize welcome messages.

The idea behind the development of the Gist was to ensure that the marketing, sales and support teams can provide seamless customer service at various stages of the purchase journey.

Gist allows marketing teams to highlight specific messages from customer interactions and categorize them using individual tags. Users can send internal notes to team members and solicit customer feedback, improving communication across organizational units.

You can receive messages from multiple leads from any platform they are active on. Reply to messages and chat with users in the Gist messenger, or forward emails from a specific address to your Gist inbox.

In addition, it offers mobile apps for Android and iOS devices that allow users to respond to customer requests and change the status of chats to open, pending, or closed.

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Gist Integrations