FullStory is a web-based digital intelligence system that helps you optimize your customer experience.

It allows users to track and control every customer action. All movements, from clicks to page clicks, are automatically indexed. The indexed information is available to the entire team and can be used to make business decisions.

Replaying a session in FullStory is more than just a recording, it is a view of the client journey. FullStory provides users with an intuitive interface, allowing them to check customer activity, identify angry clicks, create funnels, and view page analytics from the dashboard.

Pinpointing dead and hard clicks can help identify potential user interface improvements. FullStory also includes "heatmaps" that provide detailed information about pages, including the most visited pages. This data will help you better predict the options for interacting with current and potential customers.

FullStory conversions automatically identify problem areas in your funnels and show the severity of the impact - in lost users and lost money - so you can prioritize with confidence.

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