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Create Instant Marketing Outcomes

No one opening your emails? Guarantee higher campaign visibility and engagement when you leverage the time and attention customers spend on messaging apps.

Build Cross-Channel Audiences

Leverage Inbound Conversations

Convert inbound support into a marketing opportunity. Automatically add interest tags to conversations and build lead lists for drip campaigns or broadcasts.

Import Your Customer List

Drive revenue from your existing customer base. Import their phone numbers to instantly launch WhatsApp or SMS marketing campaigns.

Add Contacts via API
Have additional customer touchpoints like lead magnets, customer portals or apps? Add them directly into campaigns as soon as they sign up or leave their contact details.

Streamline Support Across Channels

Multichannel support doesn’t have to be difficult. Centralize customer conversations, agent activity and CRM data into a single platform for faster resolutions and higher customer satisfaction.

All Your Channels in One Place

Yes, really. All your channels.

Consolidate Instant Messaging

Juggling between WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, Telegram, LINE and multiple Facebook Pages? Organize messaging into a single inbox, analytics stack and automation engine.

Retain Conventional Contact Points

Still need to maintain relationships over SMS, email and webchat? Add all your existing channels to work seamlessly together with instant messaging.

Integrate Specialized Channels

Have unique channels for your business niche? Add regional messaging apps, e-commerce platforms or others to work together with the rest of your support infrastructure.

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