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Localization: World

FormGet is a dynamic form builder that allows you to create any form according to your needs.

Here are the types of forms you can create with FormGet:

- Feedback form

- Form of payment

- Invitation form

- Survey form

- Registration form and much more.

These are not the only types of shapes, it can do more creative things according to your needs, which is why it is called one of the best dynamic tools. With FormGet, you get everything in a single dashboard, you can manage your forms, create new forms, manage your records, and more.

You can also use FormGet as standalone forms if you don't have a website. You can share the link of your forms anywhere, including social networks, private messages, etc., and collect any information.

Another important aspect of this great tool is that you can easily manage branding by adding your logo, editing the footer section, adding social profiles, website link, etc. into their forms.



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