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ConvertFlow is a marketing automation software designed to help agencies and businesses set up, create and run polls, landing pages, forms, quizzes, and pop-ups to convert website visitors to leads on a centralized platform.

Marketers can use predefined templates based on multiple categories such as creative, blog, e-commerce, SaaS, website posts, and sticky lanes to launch campaigns and call-to-action processes.

ConvertFlow's visual drag and drop designer allows agents to customize columns, sections, elements, form fields including name, contact information, organization or industry, fonts, colors, and custom codes when creating form content.

Managers can customize event-based triggers, including scrolling percentage, time spent on page, clicks, form submissions, and exit intent for pop-ups to automate processes and direct visitors to specific pages.

Administrators can set up multiple steps for landing pages, quizzes, polls, or pop-ups to collect lead data and improve conversion rates. Companies can also personalize websites based on visitor history and direct and interact with visitors by promoting products, scheduling meetings, and more.

Marketers can embed forms in pop-ups, specific sections, slide posts, blog posts, sidebars, and website landing pages as required.



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