ConvergeHub offers a customer relationship management (CRM) and sales and marketing automation system for small and midsize businesses. It lets users store contact lists, design campaigns and manage sales activities and leads.

Users can add contact details manually or import them from Microsoft Outlook. Communication summaries show contact between employees and clients. Contact lists can also be exported into Excel and PDF formats. Users can view the products or services customers have purchased, as well as marketing performance reports. Campaigns can be targeted to specific customers and sent via email, direct mail, text message and social media. The system also offers users access to email templates.

ConvergeHub’s sales dashboard offers information on deals including expected close date, leads by source, lead acquisition and deal acquisition. Users can customize dashboard settings and visualize the pipeline at various stages. The deals management module stores lead information such as account name, assignee, lead source, sales process, sales stage, deal type, deal value, expected close date and conversion probability.

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