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Localization: World

Backlog is an online platform for project and code management.  

The platform allows you to organize the activities of a team working in the field of development to build and release the software. The platform allows you to fix the bugs, the application being developed.

With the help of Backlog you can organize team work on a project. To start with, gather the development team and distribute the tasks to them. Assign priorities to tasks and statuses to developers and keep track of execution. In the online mode or with the help of archives, keep track of the load of employees.

Built-in communication system allows the manager to distribute tasks and discuss them with employees, upload ready-made code to the system and leave comments. It is also possible to provide limited access for clients.

You can assign one or more employees to one task. You can also set time to solve a task. At any moment of time the manager can see the statistics of work on the task, starting from the date of its creation.