Act! does not match the hard CRM solution. Act! Great for your business and industry, because it is flexible. Unlike other CRM solutions, you have the freedom to adapt to the Act! Experience in accordance with your unique needs is your adaptable, everywhere, connected workspace.

Act! - A flexible CRM solution that is unique to every user.

Advantages of Act! :

- Adaptability

Act! It works as you need, equipping you with various configuration options from slightly personalized to fully customized. Embed custom tables and apply industry-specific templates for maximum customization. Highly qualified Act! Certified consultants can help you create your Act! an experience.

- Multiplatform

Act! It allows you to be productive wherever you work - in the office, at home or on the road. Navigate to the details that you need, whether you are online or offline. The complex capabilities of offline synchronization allow everyone in the business to update.

- Integration

Act! keeping in touch with the tools and applications that you need, such as Slack ™, QuickBooks® Online, Shopify and hundreds more through Act! Connection. Direct integration with Outlook®, Google ™ and Excel provides seamless interaction.

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