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WebinarGeek is webinar software designed to help businesses stream presentations, record live webinars, share pre-recorded videos, and manage webinars.

With the help of WebinarGeek, you can arrange an online broadcast of a webinar, record a video and make it available around the clock so that users can decide when to watch it, or you can turn on an online broadcast of a pre-recorded video and chat with webinar participants.

During the webinar, all participants can exchange links in the chat or any media files. The screen sharing feature allows multiple speakers to host a webinar at once, which is useful, for example, when using a sign language interpreter or calling a student to the whiteboard.

Using WebinarGeek, you can create a webir registration page with a company logo and corporate colors, which will help to establish the uniqueness of the brand. Participants will register a form to subscribe to webinars through your website.

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