Webinar FM

Webinar FM

Languages: Русский
Localization: Russia Ukraine

Webinar FM - a platform for online conferences, webinars, meetings, etc.

The main features of the service:

- broadening of the working screen - for visual demonstration of work processes;

- chat for communication between participants and exchange of materials on the topic of the conference;

- polls and voting;

- all participants will receive invitations by email a few days before the conference and just an hour before it;

- at the end of the conference will be available to record it so as not to miss anything;

- board for visualization and drawing of the main theses;

- holding the conference by several presenters at once, or using an interpreter. The maximum number of presenters is 10;

- maximum simultaneous number of participants at a conference - 150;

- at the end of the conference you can view the statistics of visits, how many invited participants attended the conference and how many listened to it fully, as well as the most active participants in the chat.


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