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Unbounce is an online website builder for building landing pages.

Unbounce offers a wide variety of ready-made landing page templates. They are fully designed and all you have to do is choose the one that works for your business and add the correct text. In fact, Unbounce offers over a hundred conversion-focused templates. Many of them are industry specific. Unbounce lets you embed videos, add widgets, and create your own backgrounds.

Unbounce provides the user with a simple drag-and-drop user interface, so you can easily move landing page elements, add marketing text, create calls to action, and even include your own images. When you design your landing page, you also view it the way visitors will see it. You won't need to switch screens and check repeatedly to make sure the page looks the way you expect.

Unbounce offers a "duplicate" feature. This enables you to use an existing landing page that you yourself created as a custom template. After you duplicate the page, you can adjust the text to fit a different market segment.

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