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Speakap is an innovative business communications solution that connects employees wherever they are, facilitates collaboration and increases productivity.

It offers branded and secure communications solutions that enable business organizations to interact with all employees. Designed to optimize corporate communications, this platform is primarily designed to inform and support office and operational staff anytime, anywhere.

This intelligent communication platform enables companies to overcome communication barriers and engage all employees efficiently and quickly. Available for both desktop and mobile, Speakap provides many innovative features and tools for seamless collaboration between teams, allowing them to easily share new ideas, insights, and knowledge.

Speakap allows any organization to seamlessly share information, from sending simple messages to transmitting sensitive personal information. It also ensures that everyone stays on the same page with real-time information, events and notifications. What's more, the platform mimics popular private social media apps with features like news feeds, chat, and timelines.

Messaging can be easily supplemented with videos, emoticons and images. In addition, this solution allows users to track all messages from organizations, partners, and colleagues. Overall, Speakap is designed to ensure timely delivery of relevant information, thereby supporting employee productivity and overall business growth.


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