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Smartsupp is a best-of-breed live chat platform that helps engage website visitors with real-time communication.

Live chat is one of the most popular communication channels, and Smartsupp makes it easy to add live chat functionality to any website, including those created with many of the most well-known platforms, like WordPress, Opencart and others.

Smartsupp can be configured to allow agents to answer chats remotely, from their home office or even a smartphone. Customers see a live chat window that matches the company’s brand identity, right down to the fonts and colors used.

Smartsupp offers an auto-messaging function. With this, companies can set up messages to be delivered automatically whenever website visitors meet certain conditions or, for example, view certain products.

Smartsupp also integrates with Google Analytics, helping companies see how live chat impacts their other online engagement metrics.

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2022-11-09 12:15:24: Dear Customers, Smartsupp services are back up and running, as usual, and all functionality has been restored. Once again, we apologize for any complications that may have been caused by the temporary unavailability. Thank you for understanding Twitter
2022-11-09 11:02:30: Dear customers, Since this morning we are experiencing a temporary outage of Smartsupp services due to technical problems on our side. ⚠️ Our teams are working to fix the problem urgently. Thank you for your understanding and we are very sorry for the inconvenience. Twitter
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