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RoomKeyPMS is a cloud-based property management system that offers property management capabilities, guest relationship management, and online booking engine.

The online booking feature simplifies the booking process on your website. Now there is no need to manually enter data from your website into the database, RoomkeyPMS is automatically updated in real time. And because the booking engine is real-time, it automatically adjusts the occupancy of your hotel and all other sites, avoiding overbooking and other errors.

The system is fully automated and allows real-time changes to fares, restrictions and reservations on some of the world's leading travel sites and booking systems.

The notification system allows you to create e-mail letters with your own design. Now, after booking, your guests will receive a colorful booking letter made by you.

Profile matching and merging will help clean up unnecessary and properly structure your guests' data. Instead of spending hours manually sorting records, the system itself will identify duplicates and offer to clear unnecessary fields.

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