Marketing Optimizer

Marketing Optimizer

Languages: English
Localization: World

Marketing Optimizer is an online service for optimizing the conversion rate, increasing the number of closed deals and reselling.

It allows you to continue to use the previous analytics, A / B tests and optimization of landing pages and pull the data together to make more effective decisions.

Features of Marketing Optimizer:

- Capturing leads.

- WYSIWYG-templates Email-letters.

- WYSIWYG Web Forms Designer.

- SMS marketing.

- Distribution of leads.

- Automation of marketing.

- Tracking PPC.

- Analysis of search queries.

- Track incoming calls.

- Sales management.

- A / B testing.

- Campaign management.

- Click to call.

- Detailed analytics of visitors.

- Email marketing.

- Optimization of landing pages.

- Aggregation of leads.

- Management of the agency.


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