Limitless possibilities for startups to enterprise businesses

- IT Access & Security Our products set the standard for simple and secure access to apps, devices and data, and now are poised to redefine access for a cloud-centric world where an individual's identity, not their device, is at the core of their experience.

LogMeIn Pro

Provide anywhere, anytime access to all your devices, files, applications and information.

LogMeIn Central

Remotely automate routine IT tasks with the most powerful tool for accessing and managing remote computers anywhere.


Stop wasting time writing down, remembering and resetting passwords. LastPass keeps the rest secure.


Deliver instant remote access from anywhere via any remote computer, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Engagement and Support

Our Engagement and Support products deliver unmatched flexibility and security, with tools tailored to help startups to large-scale organizations solve problems and provide better customer experiences.


Provide remote support that solves every problem seamlessly and securely on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.


Resolve technical issues by delivering web-based support to customer, end users, unattended computers and servers.

Rescue Lens

Remotely guide end users through troubleshooting, problem resolution, product setup and more with Rescue Lens.


A conversational chatbot and virtual customer assistant solution that transforms engagement with customers.

Communications & Collaboration

Our Communications and Collaboration products make it easy to connect quickly and professionally, whether across town or across the globe.


The Jive business phone system and GoToMeeting meeting software have come together in one powerful, unified product.


Webinars that make it simple to effectively engage and interact with a remote audience whenever, wherever.


Improve training and learning outcomes with collaboration tools, easy screen sharing, recording, and one-click setup.


Optimized for real-time collaboration, boost productivity with dispersed teams, customers, remote workers and vendors.


The trusted online meeting software for millions to communicate and collaborate on any device, anywhere.


Simple, intuitive and fast conference room hardware meets user-friendly video conferencing software.


Answer toll-free or local calls professionally. All the communication features needed to help run your business.


For the clearest, simplest, most reliable solution when the conference call matters most.