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Horosop is a modern platform and set of services for launching online stores.

Function list:

  • The platform allows you to work with any number of categories and products, ensuring fast site operation.
  • For each category of goods, there can be unique characteristics used for detailed description of goods, filtering and comparison of goods.
  • Products can have different modifications in color, size and volume, which can be combined on one product page with the ability to dynamically switch options.
  • Prices for goods can be automatically recalculated at the current exchange rate.
  • One product can be placed in several categories, which allows you to create virtual categories and place accessories in different categories without duplicating products.
  • Custom filtering for each section allows you to select products according to the desired parameters, including color, price, and the features "Promotion", "New", "Bestseller".
  • The list of products can be updated without reloading the page when using filters, changing the sort order of products, or when navigating to other pages.
  • You can set up a product mini card with additional information, such as SKU, rating, stock status, buy button, add product to favorites/comparison.
  • When you hover over a product, you can see additional information, such as product features, product modifications, and image changes.
    Category and brand pages can contain additional information, such as banners, a subcategory tree, seo text, and links to related articles and information blocks.
  • The user can quickly return to previously viewed items.
  • Product comparison allows shoppers to select products based on their specifications.
    B2B buyer groups allow you to display different prices and customize access to site pages for individual customer lists.
    Accounting for stock balances allows you to add goods to the warehouse manually, import them from Excel or from an accounting program using the built-in API.



Product Features

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