LearnWorlds is a premium online platform where entrepreneurs, educators, and businesses can create and sell courses.

It has long been considered one of the best in the field by many, despite fierce competition. From the outset, LearnWorlds' primary focus has been to provide "the learning of the future, now". With it, you won't create “just another course,” but rather you can create a whole interconnected community of learners, which is what LearnWorlds is all about.

You will be able to continuously track the progress of your students. You can do this by adding tests, questionnaires, assignments, and other tasks to your courses to make them more interesting so that the student will also get more out of your course.

And your exams or assignments may vary in complexity. Here you can be as harsh or liberal as you like. You can create more challenging assignments and create a higher ceiling for course completion to help students learn more.

LearnWorlds' primary goal is to help you create the most unique and engaging courses on the web. And with the huge variety of tools and content types you can use, it's not that hard to achieve. You can add different types of content to make the course more fun (depending on your plan):

- Text

- Video

- Audio files

- PDF files

- E-books

- Polls, quizzes, assignments

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