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FocalScope is a cloud-based help desk solution suitable for companies of any size.

Key features include email ticketing, survey management and a live chat tool.

With FocalScope’s email ticketing module, a ticket number is assigned to each incoming email. This ticket number allows users to track email history through a ticket history log, which includes who read what email and what action they took after doing so. Users can assign tickets to employees, and tickets can be re-assigned at any point.

FocalScope lets users create email response templates and set up automated responses. When tickets come in, they are automatically assigned to a staff member’s queue, and maximum limits can be set on queues to avoid overloading any one employee.

This software also includes a live chat feature. Users are able to engage in multiple live chat sessions at once. When customers request live chats after business hours, a log of that request is created so that users can follow up with customers later.


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