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Figma is a web design graphic editor for teams that create products together. Figma helps the entire development team build, test, and deliver better designs faster.

Figma stores all documents in the cloud. Thanks to this, in the editor, you can collectively work on layouts and open them by reference, without downloading. The program can be used through a browser, and you can also download desktop applications for windows or macOS.

All versions and changes are stored in Figma and you can roll back to the desired one at any time. You no longer have to store dozens of files on your computer and remember in which file the design was with the element that the customer asked to remove and now wants to return.

Figma allows you to create a clickable version of a website or mobile app, creating multiple screens. You can test and customize any function: buttons, pop-up menus, animated and modal windows. All screens are placed on one page. You don't need to switch between windows. You just create connections and see how the interface looks in reality.



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