Falcon is a platform consisting of many business services, including SMM tools.

They can provide serious support in the management of social channels and automate the work processes of individual users, groups and departments.

Falcon features:

- Management of social channels and communities on the same platform.

- Real-time content performance.

- Work on the networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Youtube.

- Publish messages immediately to multiple channels in one click.

- Live message tape and real-time collaboration between teams.

- Tracking brand mentions in networks and trends.

- User-friendly interface for the application builder under Facebook.

- Benchmarking of competitors.

- Content editor with live preview and autosave.

- Multiple levels of users and geo-tags.

- Calendar of visual content.

- Integration of technical support tools.

- The instrument panel activity.

- Notifications.

- Review tasks.

- Notes.

- Configure, clone and export reports.

- Add and edit graphic elements.

- Report templates.

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