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eSputnik is a service for mass automatic omnikaline mailings.                 

Visual e-mail editor in eSputnik from conventional block editors, its more advanced toolset.

Blocks in this service can be merged into structures. That is, depending on what you need to do, you can choose a string structure. A line consists of sections, and they can be from one to four. Sections are filled with blocks: video, pictures, banners, buttons, etc.

If you have html skills, you can use html blocks for more flexible template setup. With the help of such blocks you can easily create a letter header with the company logo.

To add a video to the template, just have a link to the video and paste it into the block with the video. The text for the video and the color of the play button can be adjusted manually or they can be filled in automatically.

A cool feature of the service is its adaptive design for letter templates. Now your email will look equally beautiful on your PC, smartphone or tablet.


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