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Retail Rocket

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Localization: Russia

Retail Rocket - a platform for multi-channel personalization of an online store based on big data.

Retail Rocket functions:

- Personal product recommendations:

The task of Retail Rocket is to show the user the goods that will interest him with maximum probability. The service forms commodity recommendations based on user behavior on the website of the online store using sophisticated mathematical algorithms. Personal recommendations are posted on the site with the help of quickly installed widgets or server API.

- Personal Trigger Emails:

The service in real time forms personalized letters for visitors to the online store on the basis of the stage of the sales funnel at which they stopped. Each mailing requires a one-time setup.

- Personalized Email Marketing for Online Stores:

The platform for mass email-distributions Retail Rocket was created specifically for online stores, taking into account the specifics of online retail and includes all the technologies for personalizing Retail Rocket without additional integration.

Advantages of Email Platform Retail Rocket:

- A / B Testing of Email campaigns.

- WEB-versions of all letters.

- Segmentation of subscribers.

- Tracking clicks in emails.

- Support for one-time coupons.

- Dynamic templates of letters.

- Service letters.

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