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E-goi is a platform specialized in multi-channel marketing automation (email, SMS or SmartSMS marketing).

The product combines several channels for its customers. This includes fax, email, voice call announcement, SMS, MMS, and long distance interpersonal accounts.

In addition, it offers customers a complete solution designed to reduce costs and increase the ROI of your demo methodology. E-Goi is an easy to use and extremely incredible email promotion app that allows you to send messages containing a wide range of promotional information. Email advertising is the best way to connect with your audience.

E-goi will make it easy to send messages to customers from your online store. For example, when a customer registers or submits a request on your site, E-Goi will send the customer and you messages about account registration. In case the customer abandons the shopping cart. E-goi can send the customer updated information, for example, about a personalized discount for a given product. E-goi will also work with your regular customers by sending them messages about your new products and services.

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