EBSuite provides sales automation, CRM, project management and solutions to support customers. The customer support solution integrates tracking, assignment, escalation, and problem tracking, and offers a configurable presence of the client or vendor portal. The solution offers a variant with several deployment options and can be placed in the cloud or on the spot. Questions and questions from clients can be obtained from web forms, e-mails or from a hosted client portal.

EBSuite also offers internal project management with joint participation in other projects, knowledge articles and support for creating a document with an internal and external presentation. It also offers a calendar, tasks, calls, reminders and reports on decision making on the dashboard, a built-in chat tool and a maintenance time log.

The EBSuite solution is suitable for customers from web service providers, equipment manufacturers, universities for departments and telecommunications companies. A customizable interface allows you to meet the requirements of the workflow and branding through internal user settings. Support is provided by e-mail and telephone.


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