Languages: English
Localization: World

DialogTech is a voice control platform for marketing, sales and support teams, as well as corporate marketers and digital agency teams, which functions primarily as a call analysis and automation solution that helps users optimize their mobile marketing, drive sales and conversions, and improve your ROI by providing call attribution data and integrated voice marketing and analytics technologies to accelerate sales.

DialogTech also functions as marketing automation software that uses call tracking, virtual secretary, voice broadcast, virtual call center and call center to facilitate contact growth, deliver a personalized calling experience, and optimize call management.

DialogTech has advanced call filtering technology whereby calls are sorted based on marketing source, words spoken, caller's location, conversation tags to provide valuable insight into what was happening during calls and conversations and to determine the quality of leads. This eliminates time-consuming analysis of transcription and recording of conversations, as the platform automatically adds tags to conversations. Consequently, sales managers will be able to more effectively evaluate their salespeople's performance and check if they are following approved scripts or if they mention promotions during calls.


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