Kartra is a cloud-based business management solution designed to help small and large businesses build, launch and manage online marketing platforms with customizable templates, analytics, autoresponders, affiliate management, built-in checkout, and more.

The platform offers various modules to help users manage all business operations, from website creation and payment processing to marketing strategies and support questions.

Key features of Kartra include lead management, sales funnels and campaigns, automated email / SMS marketing, calendar integration, and affiliate management.

The platform allows users to create personalized membership portals for training courses, private public spaces, or multi-topic content catalogs using a drag-and-drop interface. Kartra allows users to manage custom themes, colors, member access, media uploads, progress tracking, content navigation, single sign-on, automatic credentials, email, and multiple memberships.

Kartra functionality allows users to embed custom video players on websites with auto-play, social media sharing, watermark branding, multi-device access, and pop-ups. Analytics tools provide insight into user interaction with information such as views and interruptions, call-to-action effects, and average watch duration.

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