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ClickMeeting is a platform for online conferences and webinars.

ClickMeeting works through a browser and can be used on all operating systems and devices connected to the Internet.  

The intuitive interface is an important advantage of this service. For events you do not need any special IT skills or additional software installation. Simply register on the website, invite participants through your personal cabinet and hold your event.

Built-in chat allows you to exchange messages in real time, without delay. Simultaneous translation of the chat with the help of Google-translator allows you to hold conferences designed for a multinational audience.

At the end of a webinar, in addition to its recording, you can view statistics that include information about the duration of the webinar, the number of participants and the time of their presence at the webinar. In addition, you can track the activity of each participant, whether he participated in the chat discussions, what options he chose in the polls and whether he participated in the polls at all.

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