Clari is a cloud-based sales management and forecasting solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict, manage opportunities, validate pipelines, and more.

Clari's dashboard gives users an overview of all the features and insights, including when the next meeting is scheduled, progress towards milestones, and the likelihood of winning each trade. Trading activity is automatically captured, with the required input from reps being limited to a tap on their phone, reducing the likelihood that subsequent items will be forgotten or ignored.

Clari's forecasting system is used by all representatives, managers and executives, so everyone sees the same numbers. Managers and executives can use real-time summary data to visualize the impact of each change on the forecast, and the development of the forecast for each region can be tracked throughout the quarter.

Visual analytics give users insight into the pipeline and commit trends, while predictive analytics gives a score of 100 to show the likelihood of each trade being closed and identifying which trades are at risk. Users can also use the Deal Priority Matrix, which displays the likelihood of each trade being closed based on the representative's activity.


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