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Callibri is a set of tools for entrepreneurs and marketers to help improve advertising, website and customer service.

Callibri allows you to track which of your ads works more effectively by monitoring the sources from which a potential client has come. The service allows collecting information about each site user or buyer - from which traffic source and to which landing page, from which device and from which browser the purchase was made.

Since customers can address through different communication channels, such as calls, requests on the site or email, the built-in tool MulTracking allows you to track all incoming calls and evaluate the advertising that led them.

In the admin panel, you can view reports that allow you to track the number of requests and their cost by all advertising sources, campaigns, announcements and keywords. You can also display the report in a video graph, which allows you to more clearly evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising. All reports can be filtered by parameters.

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