Languages: Русский
Localization: Russia Ukraine

Bpium is a design platform for managing files and data and creating information systems.                  

Bpium allows you to create your own applications to record and store absolutely any data, to manage employees, etc., without having to have the skills of a programmer to create your own application.

You can filter data by different fields, and then save filters as templates. The convenient graphing system allows you to display your data in a graphical form and build for any type of data: dates, client, etc., you can create your own application. If you change any data, the system automatically adjusts the charts.

All process participants have different access levels, which allows you to limit the rights to create, modify or view certain data. You define the roles and degree of participants and their rights.

The mobile version is created automatically, which saves time for adaptation. Bpium allows you to integrate with other accounting systems.