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Bold360 is a digital client assistant that provides customers and employees with effective answers. It imports existing content to create a knowledge base about potential problems and solutions to potential customers. The system can be implemented on several platforms, including mobile devices, so that customers can access information through widgets or the self-service portal.

The Bold360 semantic search in natural language allows customers to enter a question using their own words and expressions. He then understands the intended client context and displays the results accordingly. The system can also be translated into more than 80 different languages.

Bold360 provides real-time customer analytics that show current topics and unanswered questions. The system tracks feedback and signals to see which content is not fully optimized so that they can identify areas that require additional development or clarity. Analytics helps users gain knowledge of customer needs so that they can understand and personalize a customer's individual journey. Support is provided by email, live chat and telephone.


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