BigTime is a cloud-based service for time tracking, billing and expense tracking that includes project management and workflow tools.

BigTime is versatile software for automating professional services with an intuitive interface.

The service has all the resources you need to stay in touch with your team and deliver the same services your customers expect, while managing your company remotely.

Thanks to the planning function, you will always know which employees are ready to work on projects and how much time they need to allocate. You'll always find employees available for projects, roles or departments with ease. If the dedicated employees are not up to the task, just add more employees to the task.

The service allows you to create customizable real-time reports on the state of your company such as:

- display workload indicators by department, position or employee;
- create line graphs to visualize and measure budgets, as well as any measurable data over time;
- performance charts by month by department, position, or employee.



BigTime Integrations

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