Avaza is an easy-to-use and productive platform for project collaboration, resource planning, time tracking, expense management and customer billing.

With the platform, you can manage your team's schedule with an interactive calendar and make smart project scheduling decisions, track time and expenses on the go, access flexible billing options and invoice your clients with just a few clicks.

Avaza's tools allow you to create professional estimates that can be converted into projects or invoices. Send invoices in seconds and get paid faster with online payments. Do more faster with collaboration on tasks, discussions, file sharing, activity streams and more.

Collaborate on projects and tasks with your team and clients. Enjoy powerful collaboration with email discussions, notifications, and action feeds.


- Instantly switch between Kanban, Gantt, and List task views
- Visualization, filtering and grouping of tasks both within and between projects
- Flexible project budgeting and billing methods
- Converting emails to tasks

Manage team time with confidence thanks to the following features:

- View team availability on one page
- Management of resources allocated to each project
- Scheduling and editing tasks with a simple drag and drop
- Add user vacation and holidays for accurate prediction

Business communication tools are as simple as your social media communication apps. Avaza Chat simplifies business communication with your team and clients:

- You can start a direct conversation 1-1 or a group chat
- Organize discussions using thematic channels
- Collaborate with customers faster
- Share photos, videos and other files

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2023-04-03 18:23:09: *Feature Announcement* ? We're excited to announce Avaza's Global Search functionality - which allows you to do an advanced search across your projects, chats and messages. No more manually sifting through records to find the information you need! https://t.co/BD6uYDFcwF https://t.co/kQVRz8Go7s Twitter
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