ActiveDEMAND is a cloud-based platform that combines many marketing functions and more into one powerful solution that can improve the marketing efforts of a business by streamlining marketing processes.

It is a unified platform that allows users to complete marketing processes, social media tracking, advanced targeting, dynamic content, and more. With ActiveDEMAND, marketers can manage everything with a single solution. On top of that, ActiveDEMAND is also known for its customer support across multiple channels, such as a hands-on support center, online documentation, video tutorials, and live chat.

The platform also provides the ability to create landing pages, call tracking, contact management, and email templates. The pricing model is subscription based, based on the number of contacts, with the possibility of multiple campaigns.

Marketers can customize follow-up emails to better engage with potential customers. The platform also allows you to post to social media, track website visitors, generate reports in your dashboard, and customize campaign goals.

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