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Localization: World

ActiveChat is software to create a chatbot on your website, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or SMS.

They have a good interface, a lot of chatbot elements, you can add custom fields / tags for users, you can segment your users, send broadcasts and campaigns, have DialogFlow integration, built-in chat, you can enable your chatbot. multiple channels, they have an advanced website widget and one of the best ecommerce integrations I've ever seen.

When you are about to create your chatbot, ActiveChat uses a visual flow builder. With this visual flow builder, it's really easy to create a chatbot flow and link messages to each other. You simply select one of the elements and drag and drop it into the flow builder. Then you can connect this element with other elements using arrows.

You can assign specific custom fields and tags to users. Based on these custom fields and tags, you can filter almost any chatbot element in your chatbot stream. For example, if the user has a tag "A", send "Message 1", but if the user does not have this tag, send "Message 2".

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