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Tawk.to - это онлайн-чат, даёт возможность предоставлять поддержку пользователям в реальном времени. Tawk.to даёт возможность наблюдать за поведением посетителей, а также общаться с ними, когда они нуждаются в этом.

Возможности, которые предоставляет Tawk.to:

- Получение ценной информации при наблюдении за посетителями сайта в режиме реального времени.

- Возможность оставаться на связи связи с пользователями в любом месте при помощи компьютера или мобильного устройства.

- Удобство онлайн-чата для посетителей

- Tawk.to помогает генерировать лучшую поддержку пользователей и более высокую конверсию.


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2023-04-06 18:03:09: Watch the interview: https://t.co/NCRDIAjw3B Twitter
2023-04-04 18:03:04: What causes burnout? How do you know if you have it? And how can you, as a business owner, avoid it or recover from it? Here’s what we found … https://t.co/NmLOOXOMLk #burnout #businessowners #lifebalance https://t.co/PCF51KOq6w Twitter
2023-03-30 18:00:10: A dedicated Virtual Assistant gets to know your business from the inside out — just like an onsite team member. We’re proud to serve Kari Jahansouz and the team at Specialty Eye Care on their mission to deliver happiness and exceptional care to patients. #virtualassistants https://t.co/H7aK2HTwaI Twitter
2023-03-23 17:02:48: Are your customers using multiple names and emails in chats and tickets? Now you can merge profiles and see all of your conversations in one place with the new update in Contacts, the free CRM from https://t.co/Wautaz3HHY. See how it works: https://t.co/wPQHeGLv7p #crm https://t.co/cBAI5dyIP8 Twitter
2023-03-21 16:59:47: So which one of these personalities sounds like you? Learn more about creating a memorable brand personality here: https://t.co/v64AxNU8RJ Twitter
2023-03-21 16:59:46: Sophistication: Sophisticated businesses are prestigious and elegant. They often use feminine branding and appeal to an upper-class market. This personality is a great fit for brands with a taste for the finer things in life. Twitter
2023-03-21 16:59:45: Ruggedness: Rugged businesses are tough and outdoorsy. They’re strong and capable. This personality best suits masculine or athletic industries/products. Twitter
2023-03-21 16:59:44: Excitement: Excited businesses are bright, carefree, youthful, and fun! They focus on engaging customers with new ideas and enthusiasm. This personality is perfect for businesses that target young and/or creative audiences. Twitter


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