How to add my service to Hellip.com?

Send us an email info@hellip.com or use the online form.

What are the conditions for adding a service to the site?

  • The service must have tools for developers - API
  • For services that do not have a permanent audience or universal recognition, adding to the site is paid. The cost of accommodation is $100 per year or link to Hellip.com in on click page from your service (without "nofollow" tag).
  • For services that have been working for a long time and have their own permanent audience (more than 5 years on the market, for Russian services more then 12 years) - services can be added for free.

Support of Hellip.com decides which category your service belongs to.

I'm an integrator. How to add information about my services to Hellip.com?

Sign up. Click on the "Add Integration" button on the right. Fill the form. If you fill out the form correctly, the integration immediately gets to our site.