Chameleon is a digital platform for creating and publishing customized product reviews and surveys to help you customize your websites. Installation is performed with minimal code requirements through integration with JS Snippet, Google Tag Chrome extension or Segment.

The platform provides a managed user experience (UX) on top of an existing interface that will allow you to see what you are creating in real time. The editor tool provides advanced style options and custom Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Chameleon allows users to watch the creation of a review or survey in real time, including full preview and testability, before final publication. Edits and updates can be performed at any time after publication.

Chameleon can measure and track the effectiveness of a review or survey through A / B testing, multivariate testing, and exposure reports. Analytics reports determine what attracts and converts users into leads, and can also push data to an existing user stack through integrations with platforms such as Intercom, Hubspot and Mixpanel. Tooltips can also be created and managed on the Chameleon platform.